About Us

CVEA is a strong and united voice, representing and advocating for 858 teachers, counselors, nurses, psychologists, resource specialists, speech/language pathologists, and State pre-school teachers. We have been the exclusive bargaining agent for Cajon Valley since 1950. Our Executive Board of Directors is comprised of nine full time elected bargaining unit members. Our Representative Council consists of over 80 elected faculty reps from our 29 school sites in the Cajon Valley Union School District. The board and reps form the backbone of a strong mentor network of experienced professionals. These elected representatives promote members ideas and are the influential voice that shapes our members excellent working conditions. Over two-thirds of CVEA members hold a graduate degree and average over fifteen years of teaching experience. CVEA members are recognized at the local, state and national level for their dedication towards seeing that every student, every day learns and grows. CVEA is proud to be affiliated with the California Teachers Association and the National Education Association. I invite you to join CVEA and become part of a group of employees that support each other as they strive to provide an excellent education for the children of East County.

Chris Prokop, CVEA President

Our Executive Board

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Representative Council

Chris Prokop
(619) 322-8378
Ken Williams
Dave Szymanski
Vice President