CVEA President Speech to CVUSD Board - October 24, 2017

Good evening.

In order to attract and retain quality staff, we, the leaders of the Cajon Valley Education Association, are here to respectfully remind you that it is time for a fair settlement at tomorrow’s bargaining session.

With the stellar educators working with our students, along with our colleagues in CSEA, Cajon Valley has earned its designation as an above average school district. That reputation attracts hundreds of new families to our district through innovative, creative programs that are taught by an above average staff.

Our staff and programs have brought educational leaders to observe us from all over the state, country and world. That innovation has created a volume and pace of change that has overwhelmed our district, yet our educators have accepted that challenge.

Simply look behind me to see some of the dozens of items that have been incorporated.

New curriculum. New strategies. New technology. New software programs. New record keeping. New attendance. New professional development. New collaboration models.

The current offer from CVUSD is well below the current county average settlements.

CVUSD is a beacon of educational excellence due largely to its above average staff.

Now is the time to BRING ON the above average salary and benefits proposal. Your certificated staff awaits to see through your proposal, how you value their dedication, sacrifice and hard work.